Vote India Vote!!

Hi, Well life is busy and its not easy to take out time for extra activities(as in free time everybody likes to watch tv or take rest),but then also we have a lots of responsibilities and we understand this 🙂

 OK do you know what as the elections are going to be held in our country there are a lots of discussion on tv,and my family is watching all that stuff day and night!! I think that I can even become a tv correspondent and tell the people about this elections as there are a lots of thing that I have listened about it. Election time is a busy time buddy and so no time for IPL ( leaders and ministers are saying this)

Go for voting and participate in the biggest democracy in the world. My suggestions would be that don’t be swayed away by watching the filmstars who are campaigning for the candidates…..!!  See if the candidate  really deserve your vote or not!!

But I am really thinking forward about elections and really its good time to watch the Indian leaders as how they make the voters vote for them like by making promises etc.

Cheers:) Election Day 


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