Buddha Poornima

budameditandofu2.gif image by BuddhaLaoZen

Today is Buddha Poornima.

Gautam Buddha, religious discourses, continuous recitation of Buddhist scriptures, group meditation, processions, worship of the statue of Buddha. The Mahabodhi Temple wears a festive look and is decorated with colourful flags and flowers. The Chinese scholar, Fa-Hien has recorded celebration of this festival

The Divine Life of Gautam Buddha

The Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautama in 563 BC. He was an actual historical figure, a prince of the Shakalyas, the people of a small state bordering modern India and Nepal. He lived in a time of prosperity and social up heal. At the age of sixteen, Siddhratha married a beautiful woman and the had a son. The turning point in his life came when Siddhartha was twenty-nine and he ventured outside the palace grounds. He was caught by the sufferings of the world (old age, sickness and death), left his wife, son and riches to become a wandering ascetic in the search for enlightenment. He wandered to many places and ultimately at the age of thirty-five he arrived at Bodh Gaya, where he sat beneath a tree. He swore that he would not rise until he had found enlightenment. After forty-nine days of solitary meditation he attained nirvana, the state of permanence. He thus became the Buddha “One who is fully Awake.”

One of the interesting fact about Buddha is that Gautam Buddha’s disciple Ananda,Buddha’s wife,his chariot rider were born on the same day i.e. when He was born!! Surprisingly the peepal tree where he achieved the Nirvana was also planted on the same day!!


2 thoughts on “Buddha Poornima

  1. Hello Sandeep! Thanks!! This photo of Gautam Buddha is very beautiful indeed. Our Guru His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji had beautifully described the “Silence Of Buddha” when Buddha got enlightment on the full moon day. Guruji had described Buddha beautifully, “Buddha is the manifestation of Silence, His silence has come from saturation and not Lack”.
    Well you know something very interesting!! I posted this post on 9 May one year before and you commented on it exactly one year after on 9 May!! Amazing!! 🙂
    I hope you are interested in “Art Of Living” courses 🙂 Please do the course and see the desirable changes in your life 🙂
    Best Wishes, 🙂

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