India is the best!!

Hello Friends!!

Today I am going to discuss  about the premier instituations of India. The famous IITs and IIMs. All the students have the dream in their eyes to get into these institutions and then become the part of the most prestigious institution of India. Those who makes it,enjoys a good job and salary!! The companies also prefer the IIT,IIM alumni over the others. The main reason is that these institutions takes admission on the basis of the cut throat competitions and possesses some of the best brains of India.

The present working trend in our country is Talent professionals are running after dollar dreams. That is exactly what is happening in India. Europe Corporations and US have caused the ultimate brain drain in India. It is estimated 78% of Indian engineers leave their field after graduation and work for IT/BPO companies. In the mean time India is facing acute shortage of talents in the fields of science, engineering and technology.
We say we have the Premiere institutions, which are giving the most highly skilled professionals. But are we successful in hold them back.The “Brain drain” is the biggest problem of our country today!!

So the real heroes are those who graduate from these institutions and then do jobs in India and helps in the country’s progress.



One thought on “India is the best!!

  1. Let them go… doesn’t matter. Its India’s service to the world!
    What is important is to carry the pride of the country they were grown up in. Many go out and blame India for this and that. They better were not born in this country!

    The brain drain is also because of the MacCauley’s education system which drilled in Indian psyche that all that is outside is better.

    India has no dearth of talent, and I know many more non-IITians who do much better than IITians! what is important is to study well and use the knowledge in proper manner. Apart from the name tag of IIT and about 5% extra skill sets, confidence, there is not much difference between the IITians and others. There are many individual aspects where Universities can be better than IIT. However good thing about IIT is it maintains good average standards in all aspects, and that’s where it wins over other institutes.

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