My visit to kolkata

Recently I visited kolkata with family and this was my first time in a metropolitan city. The city was full of people and ofcourse the yellow taxis! Before going there when we asked for mineral water bottles from the shopkeeper(who is actually Bengali!),he gave only two and said that you go and taste the bengali mineral water!! We thought “great!”.All the bengalis we know were very happy to know that we are visiting West Bengal. We reached Kolkata .The city was very congested and then we saw the Howrah Bridge(I saw it only in movies and picture 🙂 ).

We went to park street and took the rooms in a hotel. After that we saw that kolkata was good when walked through the roads!! Then we took a taxi and went for the work. After that the day we were coming back we went to a place called New Market. Well yes it was also congested with the peoples. We went to a shop called City Smart and had some shopping!! Well it  was a nice experience there.We also saw the Victoria Memorial and the place where people used to play football.

One thing was that we found a lot of taxi drivers Bihari and from UP settled there. There was also a rule for taxi drivers,quite strange one and that was that they have to keep moving and could not stop anywhere. So when we had to go somewhere then we used to catch a new taxi for every trip.When we went to a hotel and asked for vegetarian dish,they said that they mix small fish in every dish and they only gave us rice,dal and fried potataoes. It was the only vegetarian dish available there!The city had its own attraction with’Pizza Hut’,gyms etc.

But it was a nice experience to be there 🙂



One thought on “My visit to kolkata

  1. suddenly when you enter in a metro city it is so much difference na! When I returned from Germany, i could feel the big difference – in Germany, there are hardly any people. In Mumbai, there are so many people everywhere!

    I could relate to you from my visit to Kolkata… hmmm. not a good rule for taxi-drivers.

    yeah fish eating is too much in some coastal places. its a menace. people are eroding the ocean ecology by drawing fish with football stadium sized fishing nets! and then 90% they throw back as un-sellable product, having killed them.

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