Durga Pooja Vacations


I am back home at DP Vacations and finding my home really very comfortable after staying in  the hostel for the first time in my life. Now I know why people say this line “Home Sweet Home”. Well we had a rocking Fresher’s party at the college and we the freshers of CSE branch got a gift from our seniors- A Coffee Mug!! I kept it unpacked and opened here at home. Its a nice one and really happy to have it.

Lots of things to say but right now just looking forward to enjoy the vacations with family. I bought all the three novels by Chetan Bhagat in the station and now time to read all these three!! But yes not to forget about the Mid Semester going to take place after the DP Vacations and ofcourse all the assignments given to us. You know when I went to the hostel I had only two bhajans in my mobile along with the Limca song, and now I have a good collection of music (a big benefit of living in a hostel 😉  ).And also not to forget about the snaps we took here and there at juice point, in the hostel room etc.

Today I am going to take rest and also will decide the routine and set the time table for my studies and assignments!! Lots of thing to write but this much for the day,take care,bye

Cheers 🙂


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