Happy Diwali :)

DiwaliLightHappy Diwali to all of you!! This is one of the festival I love and celebrate with enthusiasm. But this time I am having my Diwali at my hostel. I am thinking about my family back home and the preparation for Diwali and also the sweets I used to select Ganesha Laxmi idols every year. Life is nice here as it is a new experience for me to be with the unknown faces and adjusting with them. But as I have developed friendship with many of them and having nice time but then also home is home and missing my home very much at this moment. Anyways Happy Diwali,enjoy yourself and yes please have a safe and eco friendly Diwali. Don’t burn crackers and create pollution, instead just light beautiful Diyas and candles,decorate home with flowers and rangoli and enjoy this event. Cheers 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Diwali :)

  1. Dear Amrita,
    This comment has been pending for a long time.It was really nice to read through all your articles or should I say blogs?It reflects the myriad passions of your life and also gives a glimpse of the inner you.I remember you as a quiet girl in my class and me as a teacher who used to poke you constantly to talk and mix freely.I was really happy the day you came up to me and asked me to visit this site and that too on your own.I loved the pictures!!!They portray the sensitivity of your soul.The articles touch your heart and it reminds me of my hostel days.carry on and have a bright career ahead!!!

    My best wishes are always with you.

    Yajnaseni Ma’m.

  2. Hello Mam,
    I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw your comment on the blog. I just opened my blog as a routine to check the Blog stats and was pleasantly surprised to receive your comment. Mam I am so happy that you liked my blog. I request you to read my blog regularly and give me suggestions for the further improvement of the blog.

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