Diwali in a Hostel

Hi everybody,

It was my first Diwali that I spend far away from my family.I got up early in the morning (as usual), got freshed up, and did puja and wished my family ‘Happy Diwali’ first and then waited for the others to wake up. The morning converted into afternoon and we spent all the time wishing others Diwali wishes. I was wearing the new cloths but this time I was not happy because I was missing home a lot. Few girls went outside for roaming but there was strict instruction from home for me to stay away from crackers and all those stuffs and stay in my room only!! I was decorating the idols of God and Guruji’s photos with the garland I brought from home and then me and my roommates were busy in the net for long. It was really impossible for us to study anything because the Mid Semester completed the very previous day. Then after having lunch,we talked about different issues and then took rest. In the evening, we got up and again after being fresh, we were ready to celebrate Diwali with each other. Calls were coming from our homes and we were really missing our home very much, which could be easily pointed out by looking at our gloomy faces. But then we started cleaning the room and then we made rangoli with colourful chalks in front of our door. We wore Salwars and did Laxmi Ganesh pooja, we sang Ganesha Aarti in unison,putting our odhni above our head to cover it during puja and then lit candles on each table before God’s idols. After that we offered Prasad to God and then went outside (within the hostel campus). Every body was having fun and there were usual sounds of anars, bombs and other crackers. Our Hostel warden came and she wished Diwali to us and I went to her and touched her feet and took her blessings,she kissed my forehead and then I felt as if this hostel is like my second home!!.It was altogether a nice Diwali,I will take it as one of the new experience of my life 🙂


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