Basic Manufacturing System

((Pic I shot after cutting these two iron bars,phewww!!!!)
All the first years of Computer Science branch have a subject called “Basic Manufacturing System”. In this we have to complete four jobs. There are four sections namely Turning Section, Welding Section, Carpentry Section and Fitting Section. In the fitting section, We have to cut the metals(iron bar) from hack saw and then file it with filer and then shape it to hexagon by again using the hack saw. Then we have to drill a hole in it and then we have to cut a iron rod of 4 cm(you ‘re right, with the hack saw of course!!) and put it inside it. In the carpentry section we have to cut out the plane metal sheet made of an alloy of tin and lead called solder (from a big foil provided to us!). We have to again cut it according to the dimensions we have been provided and then shape it into a container. Then we have to solder its sides. In the welding section, we have to cut the two identical iron bars of 6 cm and then file its sides and then weld them together. In The fitting section we have to shape a round metal bar according to the given dimensions. It is not at all easy!!

(using these tools 🙂 )
At first I asked myself “Can I do it?”. But now as our classes are over, I think that I really enjoyed the classes as it gave me a brand new experience. I did the work that seems to be impossible for me some months before. It also helped me realizing the potential in me. The classes are really nice and give you the feeling of working in a real workshop and the teachers are also nice who helped us in completing our jobs safely and successfully. I realized that it helped me to gain confidence. It was really nice to have those classes.