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I think that almost all the living beings like to eat and no doubt I likes to try different food too and a true foodie (but do yoga regularly 😉 )Recently a nice article catched my attention, it was about the favorite food of some of the most famous people of world history.It is really a fantastic article and a nice general knowledge too. Don’t you like to know the interesting facts like Was Hitler a vegetarian? What cuisines do Sachin and Obama like the most? Let’s check it out here:-


Believe it or not, the German dictator was vegetarian! Although some later historians have refused to believe that no meat made its way to Hitler’s table, there is ample amount of evidence to suggest that for the last 14 years of his life, Hitler refused to eat any kind of meat or fish, only allowing occasional egg.

Hitler liked onion soup, rumored to be prepared according to his own recipe. For a dictator, he had quite a sweet tooth and liked crystallized fruit, candy and cream cakes. He drank tea and coffee drowned in cream and sugar.


India’s first prime minister was a true gourmet, with or without Edwina Mountbatten for company. Tandoori chicken was his favorite. So much so that he made it a regular at  official banquets. His breakfast every morning was typically English. Apart from giving in tandoori chicken and rogan josh on occasions. Nehru largely avoided rich and spicy food. He used to take coffee with hot milk in the morning and a cup of weak tea in afternoon


Did you know that Rabindranath Tagore loved pies, patties, roasts and kebabs? He would often bring back his own recipes with him so that these could be tried out at the Jorasanko kitchen. Lamb and chicken roasted with crumbs, prawn cutlets, prawn and ham patties, Marconi paneer; chicken and mutton pies figure on the Tagore’s food faves. He was also fond of Bengali cuisine. Kosha mangsho and luchi and steamed rice with machher jhol were pop picks.


The Master Blaster loves seafood, especially prawns cooked by his mother and crab stuffed with spices. He savours a good steak too, but digs  into bhindi masala with equal gusto. Tendulkar’s favourite pastime is collecting recipes and his restaurant Tendulkar’s in Mumbai serves a lot of dishes that are his personal favorites.


America’s 44th President likes Italian food, especially pizza. Obama describes himself as “a comfort-food guy” and his favourite grub includes bean chili served with reduced fat sour cream, granted cheddar cheese, chopped scallions and chopped fresh tomatoes. Obama also enjoys seafood especially shrimps. He has a weakness for chips and salsa and tends to put hot sauce on every thing. He likes vegetables too, more so broccoli and spinach. He likes eating pumpkin pie.


Angelina confesses to digs into fast food from Mc Donald’s and Cheerios cereal, even going to the extent of describing Cheerios as the “greatest food in the world”. Brad, on the other hand likes pizza but is now Indian food is in Brad’s   food faves.

While in London for the Baftas, Brad Angelina and a gang of 12 headed for Noor Jahan in South Kensington for a hearty meal Of vegetable samosaas, tandoori lamb chops and lamp pasanda.


 Mr. Bachchan likes veggie and is known to consume bowlfuls of steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner. But this does’nt means he stays away from fried foods. Aloo parathas make his mouth water. Besides Indian fare, it is Italian food especially pasta and risotto.


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Well I like South Indian Food especially Sambhar with Idlis :)And I like Capsicum Pizza with Hot n Sour sauce and Coffee with whipped cream and Black Forest Dessert!!!!!!!! (And in between not to forget the very old panipuris and Samosas which is something that is part of my life from my school days 🙂 !! )

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