Back to work :) :)

I am back with a couple of posts!! As the holidays started I was so tired that I just stayed away from the work as far as possible. Nowadays I am getting serious towards my work and responsibilities. Devoting some part of the day to study is must. Yes at first you feel reluctant about it, but then as you get deeply involved with the studies, you did not recognizes how the time passes. The routine has now again set back to the original as it was before. Waking up early at 5 am, doing yoga and listening to bhajans and discourse by Guruji. Then a little bit of net, and lots of study till lunch!! After that little rest for a couple of hours, then study and after that listening to music. Nowadays I have started liking the folk songs very much. The special episode of Indian Idol dedicated to the folk songs was simply amazing!! Music not only entertains you but links you with your soul. The more music, the deeper you becomes (of course it depends on the type of music you listen!!).
And of course the Fifa WC 2010, a nice time pass when you really need something sporty. Reading books also gives me pleasure and relaxation. I was reading “Celebrating Silence”, there were many questions in my mind as I was opening the book, but I got the solutions of all and was very happy and relaxed after reading the book.
There is lots of competition, shout, and havoc in the society. One has to deal with all these things apart from the personal life. A person cannot avoid certain things in life. Sometimes the situations turn unfavorable and it is not that easy to adjust or cope with every change in your life. It is damn tough if you realize all the politics and criticism going all around. So sometimes its better to close your ears and carry on with your work. No matter what others feel about you or have opinion about you. They are free to have any opinion about anyone in this world and you are also free to have any opinion about them. It is practically of no use of you trying to change anybody’s opinion about you to a good one. Just see if you are happy and your family is happy. That’s what is actually important and the rest God is taking care off. If you think about yourself the entire day then when the God will get the opportunity to think about you?. Our duty is fixed. Seva, Satsang and Sadhana, and let the God and Guru take care of you.
Jai Gurudev


Summer Holidays

Holidays are here again!! Of course I am writing this post in the midst of my Holidays because I was busy resting, eating home made food, watching movies and spending time with family. I was really missing my blog very much because apart from the things mentioned above I like blogging very much. I watched a lot of movies. It’s now time for Fifa Fever. I don’t know much about this game but thought of following the sport this season. Having interest in any one of the sport could be beneficial. By the way, The World Cup is already giving shockers. Korea playing good, Swiss winning, Spain losing, Ronaldo getting yellow card, its going crazy!! And I am enjoying it.

Fifa WC 2010

Talking about sports, I have tried my hand in Badminton and Volley ball during my school days, but most of the time you would find me either with my course books or my PC or laptop. The holidays are the best time for me to enjoy my hobbies. My greatest hobby is reading. I love reading right from the childhood. So I went to the bookshelf to choose something for myself.
The old books from the bookshelves were staring at me. I saw some old novels but then thought of choosing something creative. And then I found an old book “Programming in BASIC”. I bought it years ago, because I wanted to learn programming. As a kid I used to enjoy LOGO a lot. The programming was easy and I used to write programs to draw different structures on the screen. I remember the cursor used to be of triangular shape and the author of the book used to call it Turtle!!!!! . In the school, we were taught DOS. Just the premelinaries, like creating a file, opening a file and directory or so. The real fun was Visual Basic. In that we design the form first by dragging the buttons and textbox and different tools. Then when we used to double click the tool a new window opens where we used to write the program for it. And then running them on the system used to be like, see I have created software by myself. Really computer world is so innovative.I picked up Fundamentals of Computers by V.Rajaraman and I also picked one I studied this semester in the college, Programming in C by Gottfried and then I wrote some of the programs and tried them on the system and Bingo!! They ran successfully. It feels so good when your program runs without giving an error. Learning different computer languages is fun and I always try to learn these languages with full interest and revise them periodically, so that I don’t forget them. So browsing so many books from the book shelf I landed up in taking one of the book related to computers only. Really Computer Programming is challenging and very interesting at the same time.
Anyways coming back to my holidays, it’s so refreshing and gives a soothing feeling when I roam in my kitchen garden. Small mangoes still hanging in the trees and surrounding is green. Beautiful flowers, grass, birds and squirrels create such a nice environment for meditation 🙂 .It’s so refreshing!!( And its raining outside while I am writing this post).So, enjoy your holidays watching Fifa World Cup 2010 and doing something creative. But a million dollar question is “Qui sera le Champion Mondial 2010?”(Who will be the Champion of World Cup 2010?).So stay tuned
Take Care