Happy Jagannath Rath Yatra :)

Today Today is the Rath Yatra (Car Festival) 🙂 . This is celebrated Grandly in the Holy city of Orissa, Puri :).

The Temple of Lord Jagannath is one of major temples in India. There are two interesting stories associated with this deity. First is the story of how Krishna appeared to a great devotee of the lord, King Indradyumna and ordered him to carve a deity from a log he would find washed up on the sea shore of Puri. He searched for a carpenter to make the deities. King Indradyumna found a mysterious old Brahmin carpenter who appeared and took the responsibility and took a few days to accomplish that. Surprisingly the carpenter insisted that he would not be disturbed while he was carving the deity and start working behind a closed door. Everyone including the King and his Queen were very much anxious and came every day to the closed door and there was sound of working. After 6–7 days of waiting anxiously outside his room, but after some time, all sound stopped. The impatient Indradyumna’s Queen worried what had happened and assuming the worst, opened the doors – only to find the deity half-finished and the carpenter vanished! The mysterious carpenter was none other than Vishvakarma, the heavenly architect. The king was distraught as the deity had no arms and legs. Utterly repentant that he had interrupted the carving, the king was only pacified when the muni (sage) called Narada appeared and explained that the form the king now sees is a legitimate form of the supreme personality of godhead. The second story here was narrated to further explain and remove any doubts and confusion.

The second reason for Lord Jagannath’s appearance is the story of how Krishna was eavesdropping on the gopis as they spoke amongst themselves of His pastimes, and how much they loved him. Sister Subhadra was instructed to keep watch and ensure Krishna wasn’t nearby while the gopis spoke of Krishna. But after a while Subhadra was so overwhelmed by the gopis’ devotion and their stories that she became completely engrossed in listening. She didn’t see the brothers Krishna and Balarama approaching. As the brothers listened their hairs stood on end, their arms retracted, their eyes grew larger and larger, and they smiled broadly in ecstasy. That is why Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra look like they do.

This form is worshiped by Vaishnavas as the abstract form of Krishna. The deities – Jagannath, Balabhadra (Balarama) and Subhadra (Krishna’s sister) are usually worshipped in the temple, but once in every Asadha Masa (Rainy Season, usually June or July), they are brought out onto the main high street of Puri and travel (3 km) to the Mausimaa Temple, allowing the public to have Darshan (holy view) of the deities as they pass. This festival is known as Ratha Yatra. The Rath carts themselves are huge wooden structures built new every year and are pulled by the millions of pilgrims who turn up for the event from all parts of the Globe. The festival commemorates Krishna’s return to His home in Vrindavan after a long period of separation from the people there.The people of Odisha celebrate this day with full joy and enthusiasm.

 So enjoy the Festival, Please visit Puri if you can or you can enjoy the festival Live and Exclusive on Doordarshan Channel. Happy Rath Yatra to all!!
Jai Jagannath 🙂


Spain The MaFifa :’We own the Game!’

And Fifa World Cup Winner is “Spain”, creating history for getting the Cup for the first time and also adding a new name in the list of the Winners of the Fifa cup:) . Hmmm But don’t you think that this was predicted much earlier before the start of the match by someone? Let me give you a hint, he has eight tentacles! Yes, Paul the Oracle Octopus. This World Cup has been the loudest WC as it combined decibel thousands of vuvuzelas. Lakhs of departing fans have taken a couple of vuvus at home! (In between, Vuvuzela is a plastic blowing horn that produces a loud, distinctive monotone note). This world Cup (WC) was full of excitement, fun and ensure that it will linger in the memory for ever.. There have however been more “Maradonas” than “Messis” thronging the stadia as Argentine fans preferred to wear football shirts sporting the name “El Diego”-their coach-instead of Barca Superstar.
Let’s throw some light on the WC 2010! This has been a coldest WC ever with the late night matches played in temperature that were close to the freezing point. Germany was the strongest contender of the cup (I was supporting Germany ). But something went wrong with their match with Spain (The victorious team this time!). But I am happy that Germany played well and had secured the third position in the tournament. The WC began with the ‘Waka Waka’ of Shakira, which soon grew into the biggest hit. This music became common in clubs, discos, and parties. In Archie’s Gallery the stock ran out soon and there were demands for more! (You can also buy the CDs; it costs 250 bucks and rock with the music, shaking the body in an uncontrolled manner. As in such a high fever has caught you that you were was waka wakaing all night 😛 ). But guess what? Who was the worst driver this WC?.
Well the worst bus driver of all time was the one who manages to get the South-African coach struck in the traffic and who almost delayed the kickoff of the opening match. One of the best goals was the very first by South Africa’s own Siphiwe Tshabalala in the tournament opening 1-1 draw with Mexico. From the beginning I was much with Germany, so I was not concentrating on the other teams. But after that in the final, I went with Paul and that is why I cheered for Spain more than Netherland (however like few other Indians I had nothing to do with both the teams!). Nowadays I had set many status messages for Paul on my Facebook.
Ok moving on too the WC again, you know what this time it has been proved that there are many superstitious people outside India also. As a clear example of this is Octopus Paul, but I must say that he is special, a very special octopus for whom even the Spain Prime Minister is concerned about, you can imagine how important and VVIP he has became. Anyways the most dedicated coach I must say was ‘Maradona’, the type of energy that man possess is simply outstanding, I must say his team deserved to be in the finals. But the game is quite unpredictable (Hey I know Paul had predicted it before the match!). The Final match was very exciting and the 12th July night was not for dozing, but catching the match Live and exclusive. I was awake and watching it each and every second. It was so exciting, none of the team was lazy this time. In fact the entire 90 minutes was over and both the teams could not manage to have a goal on their account. It was like what will happen? Will they take the penalty kick for the results. But then the commentator announced for a extra 30 minutes. Again for the half time, that is, first 15 minutes there were no score on the board and then in the next half, I think before 4-5 minutes of completion of the extra time, Spanish footballer Andres managed to have the goal!
It was like now everything was clear before my eyes, who is the winner, it was Spain!!
So for the Spanish fans, time for some Salsa! (How about Paul doing Salsa with eight tentacles), Hail Spain!!