Ab Ke Saawan

With the beginning of Saawan, the most beautiful month of the year, my Monday Fasting also starts 🙂 . I do ‘Vrata’(fasting) on all the four (or sometimes five) Mondays of this month. It is the best month for the pilgrimage and all the auspicious works. According to Hindu Religion, this month is best for worshipping Hindu God “Shiva”. People from all over the world worships Shivaji with full devotion.
Well I think that everyone Hindu or Non-Hindu should worship during this month with full devotion and see the grace flowing in their lives. Apart from the religious importance, this also marks the beginning of the rainy season, which spreads greenery all around! Its incredible but as I am writing this post, there is raining outside. Such a nice view from the window can be seen. The whole rain drops surrounds our entire hostel and we are embraced in this beautiful weather. If you really want to enjoy the weather, then just go to the terrace or in the front Verandah of your house and enjoy this weather with a hot cup of coffee! And if you have your family with you as a company then you can have a nice time talking about different issues. Some prefers “Pakoda- Chai” during this time (not a bad idea at all!).

After the rain when you walk around your garden or somewhere outside, you will experience a rare pleasure of the cool breeze flowing all around, I bet no air conditioner of this entire world can provide this rare soothing and refreshing experience! There is fresh air all around. Whenever it rains, the dust particles suspended in the atmosphere dissolves with the rain drop and settles down and that is why the environment becomes so pure and refreshing. So if you have not experienced it till now, go for it 🙂 . But yes please take care of your cloths as there are water and wet mud all around during this time. Enjoy the Monsoon!


Back to……….

…..College! Yes once again the college has begun. I am now in the second year 🙂 .The days starts with classes and ends up with me relaxing over my labtop! The new timing is from 7:31 am to 1:31 pm. The new timing is nice for me as I always wakes up early at 5 am and gets enough time in the afternoon to relax and make notes. Well nothing much but missing home (as usual!), but do you know what when I wants to be in peace I just listens to the Bhajans. They relaxes my mind so much that I feels fresh once again. Its not that I don’t listen to Enrique! But it is something when you feel to gain some strength, just go for the beautiful bhajans. Of course it depend on your faves, but I would recommend the ‘Art Of Living’ Bhajans. Ok moving on to the studies, well its nice as when you are at hostel you have nothing much to do other than “Studying”. Some more updates next time!!