Stepen Hawking

While reading the daily news on the web, an interesting story came before me. It was about Stephen Hawkings! Well it was a pleasure watching his shows on Discovery Channel every Monday on 9 to 10 PM and also repeat telecast on Friday at 4 PM during the vacations.(Maybe this show must be going on now also, just check it and if it is, watch it positively, its simply awesome, believe me!) . Ok coming back to the article,Stephen Hawkings has declared that God has not created this universe, a unique and interesting statement by the great scientist.

Mr. Stephen Hawkings

In his latest book titled “The Grand Design”, Hawking writes: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.”

He rejects Isaac Newton’s theory that the universe did not spontaneously begin to form but was set in motion by God. He wrote in the 1988 book: “If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason — for then we should know the mind of God

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4 thoughts on “Stepen Hawking

  1. Firstly let me point out an irritating and very common misperception. Stephen Hawkins is NOT a scientist.
    He is a theoretical physicist and in common with others of his kind, Brian Greene and Lee Smolin, for instance, must properly be viewed as science fiction writers who mostly use the simple language of mathematics for their works.
    You see, science is an evidence-based domain.
    And there is not the slightest shred of hard evidence for, say, the eleven spatial dimensions at present favoured by string theorists. Or of the “branes” beloved of Hawkins. I am not knocking these people. The world needs dreamers. Science fiction, whether written in mathematics or natural language, is a playground of the imagination from which important ideas that correspond to the real world sometimes emerge. But until any ideas are backed up by evidence they are certainly not part of science.
    But to address the main topic, Hawkins’ latest natural language interpretation, “The Grand Design”. We at last see him breaking away from the quasi-religious mindset so common among theoretical physicists and instead started to adopt the kind of evolutionary model of our observed universe which is described in my book “Unusual Perspectives” A model which, when developed beyond the narrow limits of Hawkins’ world-view, is founded on a strong evidential basis with minimal assumptions.
    My present work “The Goldilocks Effect” is a rather more straightforward treatment of the main theme and will be soon ready for publication. Meanwhile, “Unusual Perspectives” is available in its entirety for free download from the eponymous website.

  2. Hello Sir,
    Thankyou for your valuable comment. I am overwhelmed with joy that you commented on my blog. I am a very lucky person that you yourself commented on my blog! Sir, its a pleasure reading your work ‘ Unusual Perspectives ‘.
    Thankyou once again 🙂

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