Puja, food, music and fun…..

Navratri Celebrations

I am sitting in my Veranda! Its feel nice when its just the commencement of the winter season, there is a little increase in the coldness in the wind blowing around , at the same time having a hot cup of coffee and indulging into the childhood memories and of course writing blog. Also listening to Jeremy Occhipinti’s music and having fun!

Nowadays I have started liking music very much because listening music helps to come out of stress and sometimes when you need to rock and have fun but your roomies are sleepy then just put the earphone into your ears and forget the world! Especially when you travel, the best way to enjoy a long distance journey is listening melodies. I think I have listened to “Aye Khuda” by Salim Merchant at least 100 times (hmmm may be around that!). Anyways I was trying a dish at my home for Dusshehra, it was  Dahi-Vada (yay!! My favourite 😉  ). Its not the first time I was making this,but really enjoyed very much this time. I likes hoteling a lot but nowadays have developed a kind of affection for the home-made food (the best in the entire world!). Preparing the dish by yourself and then tasting it and finding it tasty makes you the most satisfied person in the world (for a moment 😉 ) . If you are a foodie and I am talking about both types—First, who likes to eat and the Other who likes to prepare, watch NDTV Good Times positively .

Really lots of nice shows are shown—be it “Highway On My Plate” with Rocky and Mayur or “Cooking isn’t Rocket Science”, you’ll love them, Believe me!!I was addicted to these shows a few times back. Anyways, Sitting and relaxing with family during holidays, having spicy pop corn and watching how celebrities are celebrating Navratri on TV (that’s what is actually shown on News Channels most of the times!). By the way,I also did fasting on one of the day of these beautiful 9 days of Navratras  🙂 🙂

During the Navratras,Ialso participated in Durga Ji’s Aarti with family in the Temple. Wow the mind gets so relaxed and the soul gets peace when you are in this kind of atmosphere. Its like a treat to both your mind and soul. I am recharged once again!   I was thinking of buying some books, as it’s a great time when you are at home during the holidays and the book shop is close by. Some books related to Spirituality and some books that could increase my knowledge. Recently I have brought “Narada Bhakti Sutra” by Guruji, very excited to read it! Anyways catch you soon, this much for now…………….!

Tomorrow is Lokhi Puja( Day when people worships Goddess Lakshmi )

Happy Lokhi Puja, have fun 🙂


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