Festival of Light

A very Happy Diwali to all of you. I reached my hometown on Diwali itself at 12:15PM. My family was waiting for me! I came back home and then after getting fresh and ready I went for shopping with my family. It was so nice to see my hometown decorated during this occasion. There were lovely decorations everywhere. One of the greatest benefit of being home in Diwali is that you get a variety of Mithais (Indian sweets) to eat 😉  .

Guruji was in Gujarat and my family were watching the Live Telecast from previous three days. I was extremely happy when I switched on the Television and I got His Darshan on Diwali eve. I was very happy. There was a Live Telecast from Baroda on the eve of Diwali 🙂 . We did Laxmi Ganesh Puja and Guru puja and then it was the time to eat the sweets yayyyy!!  Then, we burnt crackers! Then after having dinner, I watched few of the serials and of course everybody at home watches it. Today I got up and was feeling extremely fresh and happy at home. It is like being in familiar environment. I woke up and watched Guruji’s discourse and then talked with Mosi and now writing my Blog. Yesterday  President Obama came to India, and we were watching each and every second of Live Telecast on television. He presided over the press and used some of the Hindi words also like ‘Namaste’, ‘Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak’. The first Lady ’Michelle Obama’ visited an educational institute where she played and danced with the children. We all Indians have many expectations from the President; let’s see what he has brought for India. It’s a three day visit and all Indians have a great level of expectations.           I am lucky, I am at home now so that I can watch it Live and it would also increase my general knowledge .It feels extremely comfortable while typing on my PC keyboard. I used to write my blog on this keyboard only, most of the times before joining the college 🙂 . Now it is generally used by Mosi to chat with me on Gtalk sometimes!

This time of the year is the most beautiful time because there are lots of Puja and festivals during this time and it is spread in these few months and really makes this festive season so divine! Being at hostel, have also increased my knowledge a lot. I was unaware of much software that is easily available on internet and are quite useful. For example, IDM that can download any video in few minutes. And there’s one more software that helps you to convert the video files into MP3 files, the advantage is that this mp3 can be now transferred into your mobile phone or I pod and you can listen to it any time!  There’s an even lot more. But what I think about all of these applications is that their source code must be really amazing! I hope I would also write few of interesting software of this kind in the near future, just keeping my fingers crossed. Ok then Happy Diwali to all 🙂

Cheers 🙂


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