Kudos to Modern Art

So guys now you can decide your schedule while having coffee  🙂

Futuristic “no-key” keyboard concept designed by Kong Fanwen. [link]

Apple Key chain

Winnie The Pooh Sandwich

Mac Book stickers

beautiful decorations

So the next time you think, think something new and innovative 🙂

Cheers 😀

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11 thoughts on “Kudos to Modern Art

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  2. Hi Amrita, fantastic blog !! Your writing skill is mind blowing 🙂 I often reads your posts and every time I finds it more interesting than prev one, Good Work and I am your regular reader, In other words your fan 😀

  3. Hi Amrita, I have a great addiction of reading!! I often read blogs on internet and believe me I mark you among one of my favorite blogs. You really write very well!! I am a journalist and though as I have read in “About Me” section that you are doing engineering I suggest you to join journalism because you can be really very successful as your writing skill is incredible!!
    Cheers Amrita!! 🙂

    • Thankyou Sir, it’s a very big compliment from you!! Sir, writing is my passion and I used to write from childhood days. I am very happy that you liked my articles. Sir, I myself wants to be either a teacher or a journalist! I have not exactly decided what to do yet. But surely I will consider your advice. Thanks Again!! 🙂

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