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Today in this competitive world, life has became a race and everybody is running behind the success. In fact there is a race for survival and we all know the Darwin Theory of survival of the fittest. But this race generates a lots of stress and pressure, which leads to various diseases, like hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, depression and many more. Is it possible to get success and lead a calm life??

How to be self centered and focussed, without having a headache?

How to be happy in life?

How to tackle the different situations—favourable or unfavourable easily?

How to get over the depression??

The answer to all these questions is just one—“A Breathing Technique”

Art Of Living Foundation is working on this and have converted many withered flowers into a bright and healthy flowers. The people are getting benefits. ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ is the technique to win the race with a big smile being intact!

Art Of Living Foundation brings to you, its very own channel—“The Art Of Living Tv” Here you can get the answers dwelling in your mind, you can get the benefit of online meditation and also can listen to Melodious Bhajans by our talented Art Of Living Singers.

You can listen to our Pujya Gurudeva, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar live and can listen to the knowledge and answers by Him on the questions, that can be in your mind too! Apart from this, the various information about the Art Of Living courses are also available on the channel. So what are you waiting for?

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Jai Gurudeva 🙂

Amrita Sinha



The winter season is now converting into Spring season! And now let me share an interesting incident at home this holiday–After losing my sweet dog’Jerry’, who I think is still with me!, I decided not to have dogs now. Jerry was very close to me. After returning back home, I saw two kittens playing in my courtyard–one male and one female. Though they were very small, I was scared and asked to remove them. Mosi said ok we will do that! The next day the same thing. Then I just ignored. It was something not of my concern. I was busy with my own work. During the breakfast, I felt something cold in my feet, I looked down and the small cat was looking at me to get something to eat, just like Jerry used to do! I gave him. It was winter time, so we used to sit in our courtyard, located in the central position of our house, the small cats were playing there. I was looking at them and smiling. Mosi said “what you think we should remove them na!”, I saw Mosi was smiling at me, I said ” No let them be there!, what they are taking just let them be there”. You know there is nothing in our control. Everything happens as written by Brahma 🙂 I thought I would never have any pet animals, but maybe Divine thought I should have. This is something I think in general the nature!! Well but I still don’t want to have any dog and nor will I 🙂

Anyways, I was reading Guruji’s Narada Bhakti Sutra, and believe me its very interesting. I was getting all the answers I had in my mind. Something that I really needed and I always carry it inside my labtop bag. It is because, from this I feel connected to Him and i have completed my practicals in the Lab then I can read it. I often do that, after completing the assigned programs and getting it checked, I read the book. In the hostel too, I read it quite often! The best thing about it is that it is something that relates your personal life.I feel very strong from inside after reading the knowledge by Pujya Guruji.

Turning to the college life, it is something I take as professional as I could. I just concentrate on my studies and nothing else. I don’t get the Home made coffee there and also the lovely aroma of the home made food. We have training perhaps, after our examinations, so our holidays will be cut short–not much happy about that! But the professional life is professional! The spring season is on the way and the Vasant Panchmi, Saraswati Puja is being celebrated. Mummy used to tell me that we should wear ‘yellow’ cloths on this day and also we should worship our books this day. This is very beautiful day for students. Saraswati Ma is known as “Goddess of Knowledge”, She is present in our books and provides us knowledge. She lights up the lamp of knowledge inside us. So, we should all worship her during this day, The festival marks the beginning of the Spring season as I said earlier. The temperature becomes very favourable, not much cold and not much warmth too! Its the time, when the nature shows its beauty to the fullest. The flowers, birds, grass, sunshine and the fresh air. Everything that could be felt by closing your eyes and feeling the essence of nature. I would say the best time for Mediation.So this much for now! Would catch you soon with the interesting stuffs. See ya,cheers! Happy Vasant Panchmi, Happy Spring and keep on reading 😉 🙂