Survival Of The Fittest!

‘Survival of the fittest’—This is Darwin’s famous theory. Though he gave it centuries ago, today we can apply it not only in science, also in our day to day life.

Yesterday was Ramnavmi. One of my friend of electrical branch, went to ISCKON temple and bought a book from there! I was not able to go with her because I did fasting the previous day ( I do fastings on every Monday of Navratri). This time two Mondays were there. This Monday, I did it Nirjala ( without water), so I was feeling extremely weak. It was difficult for me to even walk to the dining hall for food. So I rested most of the time!

In that book, Lord Krishna was holding two threads and one thread was controlling a human who was attacking the other one ( also held through the thread by Lord Krishna). It means that Lord controls the entire universe, everything happens according to His will. From few days, I was also in a problem. Most of my friends were transferred from my section and I don’t have any group in my class. So it feels lonely sometimes. But the thing I got from this book, is that, it’s God’s will.

One good friend suggested me a good trick to be happy. The solution is that I should write the 10 best things that I really enjoy during the class time. I tried and got many( more than 10!! ). And then I realised that, I was happier than I should have been if the group existed around me!

I concentrate on my studies more, I don’t fell prey to the problems that usually a group suffers when one of them do something wrong, misunderstandings, feelings got hurt etc!

And the conclusion is that I am thinking I have enjoyed this session more than anyone in my class. I asked my teachers for suggestion and they told me to stay, face the situation and win over it!

Amazing! This is “Art Of living”. The most incredible thing is that I enjoys doing the class more than others who have a nice friend circle in the section. Certainly, The things around are beautiful! And I really loves them, everything!!

Cheers 🙂


8 thoughts on “Survival Of The Fittest!

  1. Hmm… You know I am a big fan of your blog so thanks for sharing this.. once again.. its written so very well.. The best thing abt ur writing is… I can see everything happening before my eyes 😉

    Nice to know u interact with your teachers.. asking them suggestions how to cope up and stuff.. its a healthy sign..

    just give a big hug to the mind.. smile and tell the mind to keep his theories and logics to itself.. and say thanks for sharing anyways 🙂 Then the mind will happily keep quite.. (don’t forget u have to do this with a smile not with protest!)

    Yaar.. there are not many days left for you to be in hostel! A little time left… and you are strong person.. you know yourself best.. look back at the moments u survived.. didn’t you? Besides.. if others have their frnds circles.. you have got Guruji… (Hukum ka ikka ;)) So Boss hai toh kya ghabrana hai?? 😉

    Good to know.. you realised that you are a blessed girl.. you are very lucky to have received so many things in life.. not many people are as lucky as u are! So just keep that in mind!

    Aur main to hu hi… 😀

    So keep the spirits up!! waise meri request abhi bhi puri nahi ki tune! 😛
    (Part course… DO IT! :P)

    Keep the paper on which u have written your +ve points with you.. and keep adding more and more as soon as u come across more +ve things! And then if by chance u feel low.. just take the paper out.. and read it again! 😉

    Magic 😀

    Take care.. and as always keep smiling……………… 😀

    Jai Gurudev 🙂

  2. Well I understand your situation very well! I was also introvert during my study days. This proves that you are not only studious but also intelligent! Don’t concentrate on other stuffs, only your priorities.Your teachers are right, stay there and win! The students in your class are trying to discourage you, try to be more enthusiastic towards your work! And I know that you will excel and rock 🙂 And yes pls think about being a journalist, a nice job really!!
    Take Care,

  3. @ Aparna, 🙂 🙂

    @ Taposh Ghosh,
    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the comment! I will definitely follow your advice.
    Sir, I will consider your advice for becoming a journalist as well. Actually, journalism is one of the most interesting career. The media , infact has became the voice of the nation, and the voice of a common man!! 🙂 🙂

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