Summer is at its peak. My day starts with Android and then a peaceful music playing on my earphone makes me feel relaxed at Hostel. I am thinking forward about my Summer holidays. I ought to make it a bit useful by learning something new. But as the holiday starts,  it is completed very soon!

I am thinking of learning Java and then let’s see if anything more I could make out this summer. Generally I watch a lots of movies at home. Its probably incredible thing to say, but I usually watches movies at home than at hostel. Maybe because I don’t like wasting time at hostel on other stuffs than the thing for which I am here—studies and Homeworks! And also because I am more relaxed at home and when I am relaxed and happy I watch a lots of movies.

I generally buys DVDs of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies. Though I have to still watch most of his movies, my favourite includes–Jingle All the Way, Terminator-1 ,2&3, True Lies, Eraser, The 6th day, The Twins,  and Predator. Sometimes I watches them twice or thrice. One movie Batman and Robin, he had acted in negative side (but he has his reasons, explained in later part of the movie!).  Many other movies are also nice like Spiderman, Executive decision,X Men, Twilight ,Men In Black(my favourite!!) and many more!

So, my summer holidays are completed in watching the movies and listening to music. This time I will make it more productive (my Summer season Resolution 😛 ).

Cheers 😀

Happy Holidays 🙂


4 thoughts on “Random

  1. Nice Post! I’ll say do “Sudarshan Kriya”, Bhajan, Satsang and Seva. This is the best way to spend the holiday to the fullest.
    Also go for Computer courses that are required. Enjoy 🙂 Happy Holiday 🙂

  2. Vous avez de bons points il, c’est pourquoi j’aime toujours verifier votre blog, Il semble que vous etes un expert dans ce domaine. maintenir le bon travail, Mon ami recommander votre blog.

    Mon francais n’est pas tres bon, je suis de l’Allemagne.

    Mon blog:
    demande rachat credit puis simulation rachat de credit

  3. Salut Blaise, Merci pour vos commentaires! Sa rencontre Nice-vous! Je suis Amrita Sinha, je fais du génie logiciel. Bloguer est mon passe-temps 🙂 Je suis très heureux que vous et vos amis aimez mon blog! L’Allemagne est un bel endroit. Art de Vivre org ashram a un grand ashram il à Bad Antogast, s’il vous plaît visitez, vous obtiendrez un experence spirituelle rare là-bas! S’il vous plaît continuez à visiter et de garder sur le commentaire 😉
    et en Allemagne: Bitte halten Sie Ihren Besuch und halten kommentieren! 🙂 🙂

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