It’s that time of year again, when the mischievous rain Gods create havoc with downpours and thunder showers.More or less everyone is at the receiving end of these outbursts at some point in the season. Then again, the monsoons afford us some of life’s simplest pleasures — walking in the rain, hearing old Hindi songs while it’s stormy and wet outdoors, and cosily munching away on hot and tasty treats indoors while it’s pouring outside.

The atmosphere becomes so beautiful with greenries all around, and the drops of rain hitting the roof and making the sound like thousands of pearls. The best season for the poets to write poems, painters to copy the beautiful sky paintings by Almighty, Photographers to capture the monsoon snaps and also the common people to enjoy the weather!

And for me, to enjoy the corn and pakodas! Well readers you are invited for the delicious Indian treat at my home during this monsoon, and for those who cannot come, Here’s a treat for your eyes– Enjoy 😛 Happy Monsoon! Cheers 😀