Bobby Bare — I ‘m 500 miles away from home!

Enjoy the music and touching Lyrics of the song! I plays it quite often 🙂


So Hum

I was busy due to the Mid Semester Exams. Today it’s over and here I ‘m with my Laptop, having coffee, playing rocking music and Blogging. The days and night flies , when you are preparing for exams and of course the Reading Room, that generally have few people studying there, is completely filled like a cinema hall . Anyways, the weekends are here, and I ‘m looking forward of how to spend them fully. Well, first priority will be complete rest and then maybe any movie of George clooney or Jeremy Brett’s  SH Series. Perhaps the best way, would be to listen to soothing music and read some good book peacefully! In the mean time, I ‘m thinking of some meditation and eating good food! It will be followed by checking e mails, talking with family for a long time and watching news. By the way I have discovered that Live NDTV can be seen through internet (of course, you need a F1 speed for that!). Thankfully my hostel Wi Fi has a probably good speed and I can watch it now and then. (For those who don’t know, I ‘m a News channel addict! Correction, not a News addict, I don’t like reading News but listening the reports on the channel. They prepare and present it so nicely that anyone can see and understand the basic news and the issue. If you people have been through the exam pressure or is going through it, then do tell me some tips of how to relax after the examinations. Some new posts soon! Cheers 🙂