Hi, There is a slight coldness in the air,but the weather seems to be splendid. Nothing much to do, yet a lot to do! Studies are something that never gets completed and goes on like waves  of sea; Meanwhile I saw the much awaited movie,’Agneepath’; I must say the movie was really fantastic. I could feel the emotions of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. The way it has been picturised, its simply perfect! I have became a bit lazy during these days. I am often found listening to music or taking rest; Its the winter-effect! It happens, when there is winter you often feel like not moving much and be within the comfort zone. But I am forcing myself to maximum work I can do. Meanwhile, few of my friends from other branch are learning C and Java from me everyday from 11 pm to 12:31 or sometimes 1’O clock. To be honest, I am actually learning from them! While explaining the concepts and the programs, many things are being revised and when they ask questions as why this? then we find  the answer together, from book or on the web!
I have also prepared some nice posts that I will publish later once done!

C ya,Cheers 🙂


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