My Lucky Day!

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Honorable CM Naveen Patnaik coming for inaugration

Decoration at Entrance.

CM Sir talking to me 🙂 (I took photo from my Nokia E63 🙂 )

15th National Conference on e-Governance in Odisha is taking place in our KIIT University. I was aware of it as I read in the newspaper about the event, the day before. When I was going to college in the morning, I saw that the arrangements and the decorations were going on. The decorations were looking superb and the stalls were being created. There were different stalls representing the e-Governance namely Microsoft,hp and so on. I thought of visiting it at once while returning from college. Thankfully, today we had only two classes in the second half. I went to Manu’s Canteen to have juice and buy chocolates.

Today is Chocolate Day. Then I went to the stalls and started watching the stalls. There was a big monitor. We could see the National Conference on e-Governance through it. It was looking beautiful. Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha,Mr.Naveen Patnaik was the chief guest and he had to come there to inaugurate the stalls. I thought of staying and taking his pictures and seeing him from near. I asked a person, he said that CM will be here in half an hour. So I was waiting, watching him on monitor. Then I saw the people going in the monitor and people were gathering near the red ribbon. I also went there and stood there. To my great surprise, the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik himself came and inaugurated the ribbon. I was standing very near to him. I was taking his pictures and trying to get inside the security circle. I was constantly taking his photos. Then I got the opportunity and I somehow got inside and I touched both of his feet from my hands and then gave him,’ Dairy Milk Chocolates’, and wished him, Happy Chocolate Day. He smiled and said, “how sweet of you”. He took it from me and then I introduced myself and said, “My name is Amrita Sinha”. I said Namaste, he said ‘Namaskar to me and smiled’, I was again following him. I saw him eating my chocolate and I was soooooooo happy! I am so happy. I am feeling like I am at the top of the world 😀 :D. Naveen Patnaik Sir talked to me and he ate the chocolate that I gave him on Chocolate Day. This is like dream comes true for me. The best day in my Life.

Thankyou God and Guruji for being kind to me.

P.S: Visit website for details on 15th National Conference on e-Governance.

Jai Gurudeva 🙂