Navratri Begins

Navratri festival has began.On Monday I did the fasting for Navratri, as you have read in my previous posts, I do fasting on Mondays of Navratri. Though I thought of having fruits and water because it is quite hot here, but managed to do it Nirjara (without water and fruits). I had these on the next day. Due to this I decided to do the first half and then stayed in the college and waited for the commencement of the second half. It was a little different experience, as I have never stayed in college during Lunch. After doing the second half, I could feel the weakness and when I started walking from department towards my hostel, I could barely walk, with laptop and copies inside the bag. My family, mosi and mummy are always scared for me when I do such fasting. They take care of me fully when I am at home but when I do it in hostel, they always asks me to have water at least. But I am the one who loves worshiping God.

The previous day of my fasting, I was eating like anything and my roommate gave me lots of Gujiyas (Indian sweet) as I had to fast the next day. Mosi called me and asked me to eat something outside,  hence I went and had some good food and juices and also took a good amount of food in dinner. It was funny when I recollect Sunday, I was eating like anything 😀 . Nice I have done it without water 😀 .

Navratri is a beautiful festival and I loves listening to Durga Chalisa and Goddess Durga’s Bhajans during this time. I am finally packing bags to go home. I stayed here in Holi and missing my home very much. Catch ya in next post soon, Cheers 🙂

Jai Durga Maa 🙂


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