Maa Anandamayee Maa

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Sri Anandamayi Ma (Bengali: শ্রী আনন্দময়ী মা Sri Anondomoyi Ma was born on 30 April 1896 was a spiritual personality from East Bengal. Swami Sivananda (Divine Life Society) described her as “the most perfect flower the Indian soil has produced.”Precognition, healing and other miracles were attributed to her by her followers.Paramhansa Yogananda translates Anandamayi Maa as “joy-permeated”. This name was given to her by her devotees in the 1920s to describe what they saw as her habitual state of divine joy and bliss.
Anandamayi Ma was born Nirmala Sundari (নির্মলা সুন্দরী; Nirmôla Shundori, English: “Immaculate, Beautiful”) on 30 April 1896 to Bipinbihari Bhattacharya and Mokshada Sundari Devi in Kheora, Brahmanbaria District, British India, in what is now Bangladesh. Her father, originally from Vidyakut in Tripura, was a Vaishnavite singer known for his devotion. He had a detached persona. They lived in poverty, and lost many children in their infancy. Nirmala Maa attended the village school for approximately two years. Although her teachers were pleased with her ability, her family thought she was dull minded because of her indifference and constantly happy demeanor.
Anandamayi Ma never prepared discourses, wrote down, or revised what she had said. People had difficulty transcribing her often informal talks because of their conversational speed, further the Bengali manner of alliterative wordplay was often lost in translation. A devotee, Brahmachari Kamal Bhattacharjee, however made attempts to transcribe her speech before audio recording equipment became widely available in India.
A central theme of her teaching is “the supreme calling of every human being is to aspire to self realization. All other obligations are secondary” and “only actions that kindle man’s divine nature are worthy of the name of actions”. However she did not ask everyone to become a renunciate. “Everyone is right from his own standpoint,” she would say. She did not give formal initiations and refused to be called a guru, as she maintained that “all paths are my paths” and kept saying “I have no particular path”
Anandamayi Ma blessed Saivites, Shaktas, Vaishnavas, Muslims and Christians equally. Even now, the Muslim population of Kheora still refer to her as “our own Ma”.She taught how to live a God-centered life in the world and provided the living inspiration to enable thousands to aspire to this most noble ideal. She also advocated spiritual equality for women; for example, she opened up the sacred thread ritual, which had been performed by men only for centuries, to women. Her style of teaching included jokes, songs and instructions on everyday life along with long discourses, meditation and reading of scriptures. Maa was an avtar.

Sri Sri Maa Anandamayee Maa was also Guru Maa of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar .
I am proud and fortunate enough to say that, my mother and my mosi were fortunate to receive beautiful Darshan of Maa Anandamyee Maa when they were kids.

May Maa Anandamayee Maa Bless us all.
Maa Anandamayee Maa ke Charan Kamalon mein Hamara Shat Shat Naman
Jaya Jaya Maa


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