Life is not a bunch of Roses!

Life is not a bunch of roses! It gives hard personal knocks, when we are not prepared. We think of something and something else happens. Somebody tries to decorate the life of an unfortunate person, and do not succeed. There are some things that are beyond the reach of humans. We cannot change the fortune of a person. Even when you try to put a smile on someone’s face, which seldom gets happiness in life, you cannot do so. Why? It is perhaps related to Karma. 
The Karma of every person has been recorded and whatever happens — Good or Bad, depends upon his past karma. But then what should we do? Everything is predetermined! So should we stop everything and wait for the happenings? Actually, we should keep on doing things that are our duty and the reasons why we are on earth. Somebody will ask, what is the reason then. Well, you‘ll get it when you have to! When everything seems dark all around, good words of wisdom or an inspiration from someone who faced similar challenges (or even more than that), might inspire you.
In the mixed environments of gardens or the countryside we sometimes come upon ruins (actual ruins or even artificial ruins, which were an architectural feature of picturesque landscapes and gardens). Ruins express the passage of time, and more specifically the qualities of impermanence and transience, all closely associated with melancholy. Ruins induce a contemplative state of mind, suggestive of events and lives from past ages that have come to an end. These structures leave behind only fragments of past lives and events, enticing imagination to reconstruct narratives around, for example, well-preserved ruined abbeys, castles or the overgrown foundations of once-lived in stone cottages. The reflective stance may be part imagination, part memory, but, in any case, melancholy attaches itself to various aspects of the experience: the deserted places of many ruins, the way that ruins generally express the impermanence of culture, or more specifically to, say, the associations made between a ruin and events surrounding it.
The point is how to turn the ruins into a beautiful castle by composing oneself and getting out of emotions. Reading lots of books (especially spiritual ones), doing something that is unnecessary but brings a sense of happiness and facing that extreme emotions and then saying, It’s Ok, might work! Sometimes music works a lot that is why there is a saying, “Melody and Melancholy”. It is not a lyricism of an expressive, emotional subject, but a lyricism turned outwards into the world, a kind of inverted lyricism, down and rendered inorganic through this special type of melancholy, in the sense of a poem uttered by a single speaker, and expressing a state of mind or feeling that is constitutive of that individual subject. Lyric is, in this traditional sense, interiority and solitude. Likewise, the solitude of these melancholic songs is not the solitude of the individual or even of the lonely crowd, but the solitude of the world, glimpsed in the numerous pauses of silence on which the emotional poets endlessly dwell. What results is a lyricism of the impersonal, of climate, cloud, moss, river, stone and ruins.

As said earlier, nobody can construct the fortune of a unfortunate person, its impossible, as the Karma is fixed, but one should always try to love the surroundings and all Almighty has given to the individual. That’s Life!

Amrita Sinha


One thought on “Life is not a bunch of Roses!

  1. We always have these two fixed choices – ‘fly by yourself’ or ‘fly on auto-pilot’. I for one, have always enjoyed the latter. This way you can relish and enjoy the ‘joy-ride’ and the ‘site-seeing’- even the “Ruins” !! 😀

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