College Days


College Days are indeed the most memorable days of Life. I still remember the last day and night at hostel, it was really sad. I spent the entire night in the reading room. I used to watch the dawn during exam days, so I went there to see the dawn and the beautiful purple sky. I still remember the first night, when Mosi and Mummy were going after admitting me into the College. I was feeling very lonely, but then from the next day and also after few days, I got used to with the College Life. But going back home was always a very special time for me, but this time it was forever.

This is Life, when you go through the College, you becomes graduate and also gains experiences that would be helpful in the future. For now I will be on my way as the Life shows the way. I wish my Mosi would have been here to see me, May God Bless Her.
God helped me in the past and I pray to Him to show the way in future too.

Jagannatha Puri Mandir

Jagannatha Puri Mandir


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