Joined TCS Hyderabad

I joined AILP Batch of TCS in Hyderabad. Its great to be a part of TCS.

(From TCS Office @ Hyderabad)


7 thoughts on “Joined TCS Hyderabad

  1. Hi,
    I also have been allotted AILP, commencing from 3rd Dec.
    However I have few queries.

    Did you find AILP different from ILP? any difference in the level of training or the way they allocate us projects?

    I have also heard they give us our preferred streams and base location and allocate us directly into projects without any bench period. Is it true?

    • Hi Amrita,
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      Brian Carter

      • Thanks Brian! I am happy that you liked my post. I am Enid Blyton fan, thanks to my Aunt who introduced me to these Books. Well, I am glad that you have came up with a book on Enid Blyton. Just tell me when you need the Book review post on my Blog.
        All the Best,

  2. sir,
    can you please tell me whether AILP will be sheduled in the month of january.. plz reply sir

    my preferred location is chennai, i have done my ocjp certification.I wish i shd get posting in chennai.Will there be any change.
    Thank u in advance..

  3. Hi Amrita,
    So glad to hear from you. Well the book is not yet published, but what I was asking you to do was to review my website in a new blog about Enid Blyton and not to carry a review of my book in a blog.
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    • Hi Brian,
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