…… a Life of Shibumi

pretty,beautiful,meditative,scenic,serene,window,view-fe0b369851e8ae632abf9ce77a4b6c72_hThe weekends are here! I am writing after a long time. Days are flying and I ‘m not getting time to even think about anything other than coding (or programming). A wise advice to all my readers, please don’t do certification on any subject for fun if you are fresher, and if you do then have a deep knowledge about the subject (Just a thought of the day, don’t take it so seriously 😉  ). Anyways I didn’t knew that Hyderabad is so cold during winters. Winters always gives an opportunity to wear Mosi and Mummy’s hand knitted sweaters that I proud to have.

My sweater is quite beautiful with different cables (that looks quite tough to make), was hand woven by Mosi and Mummy. It is an art that is perhaps in every elderly women’s hand who experiences a motherhood in life after a particular point of time. Hand woven sweaters are more proudly wore than the ready-made one, because it is woven by somebody’s hand with love and hard work that is beyond the brain to calculate! You are Lucky if you have got one! Anyways, the relief of the sunshine can be experienced only in the winter season, else we always try not to be much in the sun. While I was returning to flat, after dinner, I saw few people singing Christmas carol on the road. This is the joy of winter. I hope Santa will bring something for me too during Christmas (have already prepared a wish list for Him). Though I have to post it to North Pole (I’ll post it once I find a post office here!). Weekends! The best way to spend time is, sitting near window, having coffee and Blogging.This is the holidays for me.images

I would request my readers to please visit http://www.enidblytonbio.co.uk . This site belongs to one of Blogosphere friend, Brian Carter. He has written a book on life of famous novelist ‘Enid Blyton’. His book is soon going to be released. Please visit his website once and do buy one copy of his book. Reading is a very good habit that must be developed right from childhood. It should be cultivated in children, through providing some interesting story books that not only encourages them but also teaches them the ethics and values. Enid Blyton’s books are best for young minds. All the best Brian, Best Wishes 😀

P.S.: The title of my post is inspired by a  Japanese word ‘Shibumi’, that I came across few years ago. Well if you want to know its meaning, then best way is to Find it….! 🙂

Cheers 🙂



6 thoughts on “…… a Life of Shibumi

  1. Fantastic article! I am a regular reader of your Blog and I was waiting for you new posts! This one is a master piece! Christmas is the time we decorate Christmas tree and cook turkey! Best wishes and Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Mizoram: Traditional costumes in Mizoram are exclusively hand-made by the women of the household. Mizo men wear a piece of cloth, almost 7 feet long, which is wrapped around the body. In winter, men wear a long white coat that is fastened at the throat and reaches up to the thighs. These coats have beautiful patterns near the sleeves with bands of red and white. Men also don a special kind of headgear – wrapping a piece of cloth around the head so that the ends fall over each ear. Mizo women wear a single piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and reaching up to the knees. A short white jacket with hand-woven patterns on top completes the look of the costume.

  3. Nicely written article! Just one request, write more often : ) Shibumi is the meditative brightness of being! Enjoy your Christmas, C ya

    • Hi Sam, Thankyou very much! I ‘ll try to write more if I get time. My schedule is little hectic, but I am glad that my readers like my posts. Yes you got it right! Shibumi is meditative brightness of being, and you can take it as elegant patterns of effortless refinement….. Keep on visiting my Blog Sam,
      Merry Christmas, God Bless 🙂

  4. Hi Amrita,
    I enjoyed reading your delightful post and looking at the beautiful picture depicting an open window, sash-curtains, a small vase containing a few flowers and snow flakes falling magically all around. I agree with Sam that you should write more often.
    Thanks for putting in a link to my website. I’m now in the process of updating the website and putting in a functionality to enable fans of Enid Blyton to pre-order a copy of my book that is now going through the publication process. Please send me your email address so that I may keep you abreast of developments.
    I wish you all the best for the festive season and hope you’ll continue to enjoy your work and find time to do many more delightful posts with beautiful pictures, as usual.
    Brian Carter

  5. Hi Brian,

    Thankyou very much! I am really thankful for your kind gesture. It feels very good when someone appreciates your work. The snow flakes really makes me feel the joy of winter, Don’t you think so ? 🙂 I have given a brief description of your book in this post, but I will write a fresh post on “Enid Blyton” and your book (and that’ll be my Christmas gift for you 🙂 ).

    I am a bit busy this week, I’ll be writing the post till next weekend for sure! This week is also festive week! I wish Father Christmas will fulfill my wish and protect us all, because we are His children. Meanwhile, I ‘ll put a couple big socks near balcony (as we don’t have chimney here, where Santa can come from, so assume He comes from window or somewhere ) and expect it to be filled with gifts and sweets next morning!

    Wish you a delightful Christmas, Eat, Drink and be Merry! God Bless 🙂



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