Monsoon Musings

14022014 The Monsoon has started with the rain and clouds knocking the windows! The days are spent mostly in Office with the computer and we have only the weekends to actually realize the essence of life and experience the rain. Mostly when I think of writing for my Blog, I either indulges into reading or watching news. I don’t know where I am sailing, but right now, I am doing my prime duty, that is, to work! About the Office, it is eco-friendly! TCS Bhubaneswar has won Platinum LEED award for maintaining an excellent eco-friendly office! That is indeed an achievement in itself, because being an Multi National Company, it has maintained its responsibility towards the society as well.

Monsoon is the best time to spend with music and understand the very essence by sublimating oneself into the obviously vast and infinite ocean of energy that we all inhabit. A perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate into deep mediation. As this ecstatic symphony reached an almost unbearably beautiful crescendo, all at once there was nothing but only Silence.

Indulge into peaceful music, and try to understand the Universe, and it’s sheer vastness that almost imperceptibly pulsed. Imagine yourself as a dust in front of this vast planet, solar system, and the entire Brahmand (Universe). Think about the simplest particle like atoms (or strings as given by String Theory), a tiny component of this gigantic symphony, thrilled and how it pamper itself into constant motivation of being!!

Recently while watching a movie, I realized, that in this busy life and urge of being the first amongst all, we don’t see ourshelves. Try to do so, try to discover what you really want and what this life is all about.

Enjoy Monsoon! Enjoy Coffee, Take Care, Cheers 🙂


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