Through my Lens….

I keep on taking clicks around me. Sharing few from my file

At TCS Bhubaneswar :IMG_0428IMG_0427

Nearby Pandal of Lord Ganesh :IMG_0431IMG_0430

Flower at rain and sunshine :IMG_0279IMG_0281IMG_0281IMG_0280

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We recently received appreciation for successful testing and sign off (A glance of the monthly magazine, where it was published) :

Jai_Jagannatha_Maha_Prabhu_Client Appreciation



At Bhubaneswar :


Lord Jagannatha :



4 thoughts on “Through my Lens….

  1. Hi,

    A very nice post — a blend of fantastic photos!

    Photography is generally based on the nature or the natural surroundings;

    You have created a colorful collage here!

    Really nice ones! Please do share more of your creation!

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