Maa Anadamayi Maa


My Mosi and Mummy received Divine Darshan of Maa Anandamyi Maa during their school days, Mosi always used to tell me about the day they received the darshan. We bow to Maa Anandamayee Maa


Shapeshifting ‘4D-Printed’ Structures Copies Plant Movement 

The Scientists are developing the technology that are really good!

I wonder what could be the exact programming and the graphical effort needed for this project. Here is an article I would like to share from :

These structures can imitate the way in which orchids, calla lilies and other plants bend and twist. This technology could one day help scientists heal wounds or be used in developing robotic surgical tools.

Source: Shapeshifting ‘4D-Printed’ Structures Mimic Plant Movement | Video

Some great creative work……

Greater Flamingo at Rann of Kutch :

Grus Grus :

Painting with Lights :

Zooming Past Technique (he idea is to capture a moving subject but by reversing the relative motion between the subject and background… i.e. make the subject appear static while the (still) background appears to be moving) :

Yazdani bakery, in Fort/near Horniman Circle, Bbay :

Pervez Irani, owner of Yazdani Bakery :

Monsoon :

Picture Credit : Srini Addepalli, Naturally Srini

The FB Page has some of the amazing work by Srini Sir. These are the few samples by him.


Escape from Nostalgia!

Nostalgia is that sentimental yearning for bygone experiences. Those experiences that tapped the deepest emotions in us: brotherhood, community, belonging, intimacy and joy to name a few. Many of us have intense nostalgia about our childhoods; rituals around the Holy tree, or our other traditions. I have significant emotion wrapped up in each of these. But knowing that, I still can’t shake the influence of the sentiment wrapped up in those memories. They have driven me well and shaped many of my ideas on family. Reprogramming the “hard wired” nostalgia that we grew up with is not a simple thing. I was moved to soften my heart and consider a new way and to seek out and learn from others who had brought enthusiastic minded leadership and creativity into their families. Submitting myself to the teaching and wisdom of Swami Vivekananda was the key to unleashing God’s story in our family.
Time moves and so is the life! It moves like waves of sea, sometimes rises and sometimes the waves are low. I was stuck in a moment from last two months. I was trying to reverse the timing process, and return to the past. My past was beautiful and the future is becoming dark and uncertain with time. Still, I am thinking over the same thing again and again. What would have happened if I had done this or had done that? The reality is that people who goes, never comes back! The greatest truth of life! May God exempt everyone from this hard truth .I have faced this time and again in life. Books are the only things that can help me to escape from this situation and help in overcoming the feeling of melancholy! Books have been my passion and will be the savior in future too. Being nostalgic and from nostalgia to depression, it’s easy, but then coming out of it is pretty tough! Well, ask me! I still think what would have been the situation if she would have been there? Spent time with myself, with mummy, with roommates, with few friends and could not get the right xing! I think spending time in reading room of my hostel would help. I like being there, concentrating on a topic and then getting command over it! The best thing is to spend life of reality and hence now I am not on any social networking sites anymore, nor on facebook, nor orkut, nor google plus neither in any of this kind of sites. But I like twitter, you can get updated every minute without referring to TV or internet by joining the news sites, like @ndtv, @firstpostin, @Huffingtonpost, etc. Every important news right on your mobile.
Being in present is important. Being in past cannot help, other than being alert and learning lessons from past. Being in future is impossible because we don’t know what is going to happen the next moment. Everything is in present. So, be in present, not in the past or think about the future!
For me present is just books, it gives me immense peace and meditation like feeling when I read. I read text books and the other inspiring books. Reading ‘Swami Vivekananda’ gives immense peace and life like feeling. Spending time with friends is important, especially when they don’t know how you are feeling from inside. They behave normally and it makes you think that everything is, as it was before!
Campus placement is going on in my college. Studying is a duty and a need for me now.
Quotes about Nostalgia:
“Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space.”
Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence
Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! ~Owens Lee Pomeroy
“Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.
I hope you never have to think about anything as much as I think about you.”
Jonathan Safran Foer
“It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures.”
Ally Condie, Matched

Be in present, but be a little nostalgic too! (by me! )

Vaishnav Jana

The lyrics in Hindi for Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye Je :

वैष्णव  जन  तो  तेने  कहिये  जे
पीड़ा  पराई  जाने  रे
पर दुख्खे  उपकार  करे  तोये
मन  अभिमान  न  आने  रे

सकल  लोक  मान  सहने  वन्दे
निंदा  न  करे  केनी  रे
वाच  काछ  मन  निश्छल  राखे
धन धन  जननी  तेनी  रे

सम दृष्टि  ने  तृष्णा  त्यागी
पर स्त्री  जेने  मात  रे
जिव्हा  थकी  असत्य  न  बोले
पर धन  नव  झाली  हाथ  रे

मोह माया  व्यापे  नहीं  जेने
दृढ  वैराग्य  जेना  मन  मान  रे
राम  नाम  शून  ताली  लागी
सकल  तीरथ  तेना  तन  मान  रे

वन लोभी  ने  कपट रहित  छे
काम क्रोध  निवार्य  रे
भने  नरसैय्यो  तेनुं  दर्शन  करता
कुल  एकोतेर  तार्य  रे