A New Word — A New Dimension



Lumenosophy, the new term coined recently by Prof Henryk Skolimowski, is meant to help us usher in an Era of Light. Having come into being on Human Rights Day, the new term underlines the supreme significance of light in the existence and continuous blossoming of humankind in the lumenosphere – a sphere of evolutionary wisdom, altruism, justice, unity, compassion and creativity.

Lumenosophy — Latin: lumen = light; Greek: Sophia = wisdom) — means wisdom of light. Light reveals so many meaningful dimensions of everything else in the universe, even while light itself has deep meaning. The first meaning of light is wisdom. All wisdom is a form of light. Wisdom itself is an articulation of light. All actions involving wisdom spell true creativity of light. The best of philosophy that has flow of light in its soul is Lumenosophy.

Wisdom can never be static; it is always evolutionary. Evolution – extending from the evolution of a thing, or of whole life to that of the whole cosmos – is an indispensable phenomenon of light. No evolution can be possible without input of light. That is why the whole lumenosphere evolves.

Lumenosophy reflects a long stride of philosophical evolution, destined to arrive at a climax where things and associated phenomena exist intensively. In this dynamic state of evolution, life and beauty exist intensively and with overwhelming impact.

Cosmocracy, yet another term coined by Skolimowski in the 1990s, is democracy at the cosmic, rather than global, level. While (terrestrial) democracy involves only freedom and governance of the people, for the people, and by the people, cosmocracy encompasses the whole of terrestrial life and the cosmos and its entire evolutionary creativity. Cosmocracy, thus, means freedom extended to all living beings, not just to humans, and role of lumenarchal humans as guardian of the whole of life in the overall governance of all organisms following the principles of all-pervading and benevolent light.

Cosmocracy, thus, is the most evolved form of democracy in which all living being will exist in perfect equilibrium, harmony, peace, and happiness, and as equal beings of cosmic evolution.

P.S.:  Learning is the way to Progress whether it is materialistic knowledge or Spiritual Knowledge. Materialistic knowledge will provide you with the worldly wisdom, while Spiritual knowledge will bring inner peace and Happiness.